Why MBA Essay is Important For The Students In Admissions

“Why MBA essay” is the foremost important question when students think of doing an MBA. This question will be asked during your application submission and interview. Your essay will answer why you need an MBA to reach your career goals? 

Writing an MBA entrance essay can be a nightmare for many students. Concisely, you must give a brief sketch of yourself by showing a real picture to every person of the admissions committee. MBA admissions essays give the students a lot of freedom to show themselves openly and creatively. Here in this blog, you will come to know the importance of why MBA essay for the students and how you can write it effectively.

Importance of “why MBA essay”:

Explain your story: what have you acquired

Many times, your essay will enable you to reveal the college who you are and your purposes. It can also be a means for them to learn how you think to implement what you acknowledge. Information is only useful when it is used. From your test scores and grades, your prospective college identifies what you have learned. What they don’t understand is how great you can use that information. Your essay is an excellent place to show your ability to utilize your knowledge in the real world.

Why MBA essay is an opportunity to display your identity

Your essay must tell a lot regarding you. Especially it must display your strengths and describe why you are the best applicant for the MBA program. In an essay, you usually do this by describing a story and presenting in some form how the essay subject affects you individually. While at the same time making sure you stay on topic and avoid wandering.

Help you show your abilities like decision-making:

Also, the MBA essay assists you in showing your decision-making skills. Most colleges and universities want to accept students who have excellent decision-making skills because the employer asks some critical questions in most of the interviews, which tests the candidate’s skills.

If the applicant has bad decision-making abilities, it also decreases the reputation of the universities or colleges, for this reason, why MBA essays are essential to show decision-making abilities. You will show it with the support of your real-life scenario focused on the difficulty, and with outstanding decision-making abilities, how you move out of the dilemma.

Appropriate platform to show your objectives:

MBA is one of the world’s most highly reputed degrees. A large number of students undertake MBA courses when they have a good plan in mind. Besides that, the MBA universities and colleges often favor certain students with strong plans as the students without any schedule may not be the college’s best match. You may also have a big proof plan like other students. It’s better to show your objectives in your Why MBA essay.

Either you would like to begin your business or do a job in the corporate sector. The primary aim often guides you to be entered into the college or university you want. Most colleges and universities also use their policies, scholarships, and other advantages to help you achieve your goals. That’s why an MBA essay is important for the students to highlight their priorities and get the university or college’s potential support.

Helps to show why you are an appropriate candidate for college:

The MBA essay includes more than your grades and percentages that you have. It is normal for various students to have the same numbers or degrees that relate to the same colleges or universities. Therefore the college or universities should want the students to explain why they will be part of their MBA course. 

Beyond this, it always allows you to show off your expertise that you have better than the other students with identical academic records like you have. You will display your achievements here apart from your records in academics. It will prove how much stronger you are than the others to the admission committee. 

With all the above points now, you know why an MBA essay is important for the students.

Main points to remember-

When you start writing an MBA essay, the applicant has to clarify that an MBA is an important step for him/her to achieve his career objectives.

You must primarily explain:

  • What skills do you really need to meet your specific objectives, and how will the MBA help you acquire them?
  •  What knowledge do you need to accomplish your specified objectives? Is the MBA going to help you gain this knowledge? For instance, I still don’t know enough about Y to achieve my target of Z.
  • There are so many abilities students need to achieve their goals? Also,they  need the experience of MBA qualification to achieve these goals. 

Many students are pursuing MBA for achieving the following objective-

  • For improving career prospects
  • To acquire new skills
  • To get leadership position
  • To want a change in career
  • To boost salary
  • To establish their own business
  • Only to get qualified

Let’s understand this from the stats given below-

How to Write a Compelling ‘WHY MBA ESSAY’

To write a compelling MBA admission essay on ‘WHY MBA,’ you can follow the following four-point methodology

Start early and follow the fundamentals of Essay Writing

MBA essay writing should be a slow and progressive process. It helps if you are ready to give yourself sufficient time to refine and fine-tune your own essays. So it’s always a fantastic idea to start early. 

MBA essay writing should be a slow and progressive process. It helps if you are ready to give yourself sufficient time to refine and fine-tune your essays. So it’s always a fantastic idea to start early. Provide yourself adequate time for self-examination. Write down your thoughts when they develop. Please stay in the ideal frame of consciousness and decide when creativity, concentration, and focus are at their summit. It would help you create the most output essay. Brainstorming on particular areas of your profile will be able to help you bring out details you had not thought of earlier.

Be particular, clear, and relevant, alongside providing important details

If you want to grab the eyes of the authorities straight in the beginning itself. For this, some ‘punch lines’ can serve properly. It may seem self-evident, yet you must explain the question asked. Wordiness, particularly in the introduction, will achieve nothing for you and may create a negative impact.

Various colleges consider it marvelous when a student’s writing is concise and clear, rather than long and tedious.

Give a clear picture relating to your past and future purposes

The form of creating an amazing why MBA essay is needed for both craftsmanship and science. The craftsmanship rests in the story you describe, telling why you are the person you are now, and why you need to accomplish what you want to in the future — this is the heart of the essay. Deep self-reflection and the awareness of your weaknesses and strengths will give you an advantage in your essay.

Consider what you have obtained from experience up to this time. Admissions administrators watch for the following features in MBA applicants: determination, vision, discretion, decision making, independence, ambition, innovativeness,  communication skills, confidence, enthusiasm, etc.

Try to be consistent in your answer, with the end purposes retaining in mind that fit your experience. It could be from wanting to move your stream because of interest or want to begin your own business in the future.

You should explain your short-term, moderate, and long-term professional aims. Attach your professional aims with the MBA and why an MBA is required to achieve your aims. Explain how your studies and work experiences add to your general qualities and help separate you as an applicant.

Explain what kind of possibilities an MBA would give you

As is well-known, an MBA happens to be the best course for individuals who need an administrative job for themselves. Under the managerial job, they have to exercise up responsibilities like motivating representatives, leadership, managing the employees, and their performance.

In large part of the cases, such positions probably won’t come automatically to a person; anyhow nowadays, given some responsibility as a managerial role needs, an MBA education turns out to be extremely recommendable.

For a person who is leaning upon to work for some rewarding responsibility as a managerial role under any corporate house or wants to begin one’s very own business start-up, for him, it is perfect to go for an MBA. Tell them that an MBA would help you gain those essential qualities and prepare you for the future.

Pay close consideration to grammar and style

It is assumed that one’s writing way, usage of words, pauses, the capability to show oneself clearly, etc., all show the writer’s character. An MBA essay is an attempt to show your depth, knowledge, and awareness of oneself through words as tools.

You don’t require a writing major to make a brilliant MBA admissions essay; however, there are some fundamentals of storytelling that allows content to hold out. Making your point across over in a clear, brilliant, and formed way will make you stick out.

However, this effort will not work if you don’t make it grammatically correct. Let your passion for the right grammar and language structure be your main guide.

Moreover, the first draft is just the start. After writing the first draft, you have to change it as many times as possible, refining it in tune with the requirements of a decent MBA essay.

Career prospects available after an MBA course

Students have a wide range of job opportunities open to them in today’s world. They can take any of them based on their preferences. An MBA, on the other hand, is one of the most famous career paths. MBA (Master in Business Administration) is a postgraduate course in management that lasts two years.

Management, Human Resources, Business, Finance, and Banking are among the disciplines included in MBA. High Salary Potential, Better Career Prospects, and Personal Development are just a few reasons why the MBA is so successful Post-Graduation course. To get an entry into this course, students have to write why MBA essay to impress the admission committee.

List of career opportunities available after doing an MBA

  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Executive Assistant


We hope you understand why an MBA essay is important for the students from the above explanation. You must follow the above four-point methodology for writing it engagingly.

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For becoming a manager, Do students need an MBA degree?

To be a manager, you must have superior management abilities like team management. On the other hand, an MBA provides you with specialized business administration skills that help you succeed in today’s job market.

How does MBA help in improving career possibilities?

The biggest benefit of getting an MBA degree is the realistic business experience gained, which is compensated by a substantial salary raise. Many MBA and executives record a pay boost of more than 150 percent in salary. 

How can I figure out which MBA program is best for me?

You can choose from a number of MBA specializations in any region based on your previous knowledge and market profile, your venture’s location, and your willingness to fly. It will help if you choose a distance learning strategy based on your work needs and how rigorous you want your education to be over the next 18 to 24 months.

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