An absolute guide of writing an essay for the beginners

So your professor assigns another task of writing an essay. Will the mere thinking of putting fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper send goosebumps down your leg? It is for many schools or college students, but essay writing should not be threatening. So if you know the essential tips of essay writing, it would help if you were well-equipped to deal with the topic of an essay.

Writing is not meant for everyone!

Many students get low grades for not appropriately writing an essay. Some thought that the students who are good in writing are those who have an interest in writing. 

Some think that by following some essay writing strategies and tips, anyone can convert as an excellent writer. Yes, everyone can do it!

Tips for writing an essay for beginners:

Do you have an essay writing task? Are you a beginner in essay writing? We know how writing an essay will feel like a daunting task. It will take time to study, understand the content, prepare what you want to write, and create it with the imagination and confidence. There are some fantastic essay writing tips available to help you out!

Think about the topic of your essay:

An essay has somewhere to go. You can’t just write a three-page and expect it’s become meaningful. Give some time to look at the questions and read about how you’d explain the topic because you don’t want to run out of ideas midway.

Consider carefully what the person is asking you, and what they desire you to do; how many sources are you going to need? Will you have to write a cause and effect essay? It’s all included in the essay requirements.

Read more:

Reading is recognized as a requirement for writing since you need to have ample information to write.

Various types of essays need different styles and abilities in writing. Reading is a necessity and something to learn that will help you develop strong writing skills. It introduces you to various writing forms, voices, styles, and writing genres. Being an enthusiastic reader, you can mention your arguments effectively.

Create an outline to try it out:

You picked the title of your essay, but don’t just jump straight in. Take some paper and pens, and plan how to write an essay outline. You’ll require an introduction, center, and conclusion as usual, but you require to spot out what you’re going to be saying. Write down the essential points that you require to mention and what references and resources you require to take. The best way of writing an essay is to prepare it in points and don’t explain too much in paragraphs.


Everyone thinks differently. Choosing a subject will give each person a different perspective on that particular topic, rather than pursuing someone’s viewpoint, using your viewpoint. When you pursue your ideas in writing, it will help you create engaging and impressive content.

Start early:

Provide yourself plenty of time to consider what you’re writing, and your point. Your teachers can tell the difference between before a two-day hurried essay, as opposed to one that began two weeks earlier.

Use proper grammar:

The use of proper grammar is perhaps one of the most important writing tips for beginners. Review the grammar rules to enhance grammar and evade using the wrong verbs, tense, sentence structure, punctuation, and other grammar words.

We know MS Word is smart but also avoids depending on the “spell and grammar test” while doing your assignment.

Improve vocabulary:

A good vocabulary of the writer is beneficial as it helps them in explaining their viewpoint. With the correct words, you can express your ideas, thoughts, and purpose effectively as per your audience. 

You should choose the right vocabulary according to your academic level. If school students use unusual phrases and words, that creates doubts about using plagiarised content. Making a habit of reading a dictionary and thesaurus that will help to improve your vocabulary.

Don’t make spelling mistakes:

While writing an essay using correct spelling is an important part. There are so many different worlds, and having information about all is not possible. Here is the solution:

Find new words and learn their spellings. A lot of spelling mistakes make an essay less worthy. Use spell-checkers to remove mistakes, but don’t completely rely on them. Be careful and use a dictionary.

Don’t use long sentences:

Using short and clear sentences is essential to keeping your reader engaged. If you write longer sentences, there’s a greater risk of grammatical errors.

The smart idea is for short sentences and specific details to be used.

Know your referencing style:

Will Harvard? Oxford, right? MLA? Systems of reference can differ from course to course, or even from module to module. Most referencing allows you to create footnotes at the bottom of the essay, while others merely need a page of work cited. Double-check before you start, as this will keep you time later. It also involves stylistic features such as font, text size, and line spacing; being safe is better than being sorry.

Create a reference list:

Referencing accurately while writing an essay is better than referring to it later on. A bibliography can take longer than you expect, so you can make a list of who you have referred to, to make it that little easier. Please be sure to remember page numbers and any URLs you require!

Avoid inappropriate details:

Do not confuse the reader with details, which is unnecessary. Hold an eye on your subject and write something important to your main topic. Begin every sentence with a sentence on the topic and move on. Provide good evidence to support the study.

 Keep in mind, quality over quantity. Should not seek to go off-topic and mention the details that are meaningless to hit your word limit.

British vs. American English:

Students are often confused by the American and British accents.

This is how some of the words vary in accent in the United Kingdom and the USA, respectively:

  • Apologize vs. Apologise
  • Accessorize vs. Accessorise
  • Behavior vs. Behaviour
  • Brutalize vs. Brutalise
  • Color vs. Colour
  • Fiber vs. Fibre
  • Favorite versus Favourite

Throughout your essay, it is important to follow the same spellings. Pick an accent and keep tuned with it.

Follow essay instructions:

Whenever you want to write an essay, first read the question carefully. Consider the terms that are used in the essay topics. For example, words like contrast, compare, explain, identify will guide you in writing an essay. 

The topic itself tells you what type of essay you have to write. If you have to try a persuasive essay, you must write your essay and respond so that you can influence the reader from your essay.

A similar technique is used in all the other kinds of essays, cause and effect, compare and contrast descriptive essay, and narrative essay. Know their basic formation and adhere to it. If you are facing difficulty in essay writing, then you can take guidance from professional essay writers.

Never use spinners: 

Few students use a spinner to change the wordings of a paragraph. Though this action helps you complete the word limit, it is still considered illegal in the world of writing. Don’t assume that you can fool your professor by using spinners. They know the strength of every student.

Avoid plagiarism:

Plagiarism implies using other people’s work and introduces it as your own. In the case of students, if they do this, they get an F grade in their task and get a warning. Various online tools and websites enable students to take advantage of free plagiarism checker. Essays involve a bunch of information. So be sure that your essay does not contain any plagiarized content. Check it before submitting it. If you want to avoid plagiarism, then you will read the text and convert it into your words.

Begin your writing:

Writing an essay is like solving a puzzle. You have outlined, so you have the clues of solving the essay. Just put the clues in the right place. Don’t worry about if some clues are not valid; to start with, you can edit it later. After all, it is the first draft.

Take short breaks:

You will feel tired if you try to complete it at one time. It’s okay to take short breaks. Have some meals, go for a walk, drink plenty of water, and take a 10-minute nap. Don’t work with exhaustion because it will affect your productivity.


Don’t submit your first copy because it will have the chance of having errors and grammatical mistakes. Make a draft of your essay and leave it for one or two days. Come back to it with a fresh mind. Now you can spot the errors which you slip by on your first read-through. Do this two to three times, but your essay must be perfect! You should start early.

Proofread your essay:

Be sure you have understood all the instructions given by the professor in the task and followed it. Do not neglect the proofreading part. We make various mistakes as no one is perfect, but proofreading helps us get relieved from all the errors.

Keep in mind that a good writer never copies the content of others. Write your essay that explains your viewpoint on the topic. Follow the necessary format of the essay and include the appropriate information.

Formatting and bibliography:

Now you have completed your work! All you require to do add a reference and bibliography page. If you have been adding a reference list, you will be considered a good writer. Be sure to add them to your referencing list. It is time to check that your essay structure is correct. You have properly numbered your pages. Don’t forget to include your index.

It’s time for submission:

Take a deep breath because it is the time of submission. Check the plagiarism for the last time, and after that, you are ready to go!

Essay examples for college that always work:

Here we mention five topics that always work in creating an impression on the audience:

1 Failure in life

2 Commitments that help you in achieving your goal

3 Challenges that change you

4 Memorable meals

5 Outdoor activities that increase your creativity

Tips for writing an essay for college for beginners:

  • Firstly, do brainstorming. Beginning the essay can be the toughest section. Brainstorming your traits and defining your strength is a great thing to begin.
  • After assembling all the information, create a plan for your essay and decide which point you include in which particular section.
  • Create three basic parts: An introduction, the main body paragraphs, and the conclusion.
  • Be particular, and don’t concentrate on so many things at one time.
  • Your essay should make sense.

Tips for creating a common application essay: 

  • Select a topic that describes you.
  • For an engaging and compelling essay, you should develop concentration on a particular topic.
  • Don’t try to include each and everything. Put your concentration personal and concise.
  • Be unique. Use your voice. Don’t depend on ideas or phrases that people used so many times. 

Wrap up:

Every essay writer wants to write the best essay and wants to score high grades. For this, they have to do a lot of practice and also pursue some guidance. The above essay writing tips for beginners helps the student who wants to be a good writer. Follow the above tips and so practice writing an essay.

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