Ultimate Guide | How to Write A Book Title In An Essay

“ A good title is the title of a successful book”- Raymond Chandler.

A well said by Mr. Raymond Chandler, who gives importance to the title of the book. A title can play an essential part in the success of a book and essay too. Therefore, it becomes necessary to give the title carefully to the essay.

In this blog, we will give you some suggestions on how to write a book title in an essay by which you can get good marks in your academics. Even, the further you get any trouble regarding the book title, then you can take the help of our team expert.

The element of essay title

  • It must be of the good hook: If you will provide a good title to your essay, it immediately draws the attention of the reader. This will help you to create the interest of the people for reading it.

For example,“ Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of those who survived” this title grab the attention to the stories of people who saw a huge ship sank into the deep water of the sea. This title indicates that people have the interest to know what happens to the ship and the people who were on that ship.

  • Focus on keyword: The title should be somehow revealing the answers of the following words ‘when?’ ‘where?’ and ‘what?’. By which it will attain the information of the essay and keep it simple as “Simplicity at its best.”

Different styles and standards of writing a title:

As we have mentioned above, there are different styles in the title of books. We will give you the rules for each of the styles in detail, and you can write it down as per your reference style, which are MLA, APA, or Chicago.

How to write a book title in an essay in APA style

The rules of MLA and Chicago style differ from APA style.

How to write a book title in an essay in APA style:

  • APA title page capitalization is required for the first word and the words which have more than three letters.
  • Title capitalization is also required for hyphen words and colon words. 
  • Try to not write italics and catalogs instead of this use quotation symbol.

As per the rules of APA’s Publication Manual (2010), there are certain book titles which could be used in italics with APA citation form such as

  • Movies 
  • Television shows
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Journal 
  • Magazines and Newspaper

How to write a book title in an essay in MLA style:

  • The complete letters of book name must be in Italics pursue by a period of its publication.
  • If the book’s name has subtitles, it must follow the title and can be split with the use of a colon.
  • If the most work is an integral part of the source that is used, then the title must be represented in Quotation symbols, and title will be pursued by the year in the end. The longer work will be shown in italics, and the comma symbol must be at the end.

How to write a book title in an essay in Chicago style:

There is a similarity in the format style of Chicago and MLA book title.

Rules are as follows:

  • Capitalization of the initial letter of all the parts of speech is required. But avoid capitalizing coordinating conjunctions, articles, or prepositions.
  • The name must be in italics, and punctuation symbols in the name of the book must be italics style.
  • An anthology or the short text of smaller work should be in quotation symbol rather than in italics style with or without MLA citation.

How to write the legible heading:

“Your words reflect your character, write accordingly.”

Making a legible title could be an exciting but still horrify task. There are some protocols to create your title innovatively. Here are few methods on for book titles generator:-

  • Title must be delivered the text’s theme: This is the most important protocol which has to be strictly followed that selects a heading which is concluding your essay. Do not misguide the essay’s reader if you want to stand in your essay writing.
  • Give headings to paragraphs: If it is possible for you to give a heading to each paragraph, so that by which the reader can identify the details of the paragraphs. 
  • Capitalize the words which are required: Whatever the rule of capitalization is mentioned above, you have to capitalize according to those rules. Do not try to underline the book title if it is not required. If underline needs by some institute, then you can do so.
  • Try examples of some international authors: Take proofreading of some great authors and check out there writing style, ideas, or methods and use them according to your preferences.
  • Review your title: Check the keyword that is bringing the message to the reader. Find out all the grammar errors, spelling errors, and other errors to avoid your silly mistakes. 

Things to avoid while writing the title of the essay: 

The protocols as mentioned above for title essay should be helpful for you, but there are certain things which have to be avoided during your writing, such as:

  • Do not write negative stuff: The negativity of your past should not be mentioned in your writing. If it taught you some lessons, then you can add them but try to avoid detailing it. Also, being a student, you are supposed not to write a negative subject which belongs to the severe issue such as murder, prostitution, so on.
  • Try to avoid asking incorrect questions: If you are not able to inquire about the correct question related to your subject, then there is a risk of selecting the incorrect topic. If you need help, then you can ask for mentors by which you can save your time too.
  • Keep the title professional: Do not mention your personal information as the reader is not fascinating about your own life. Therefore, keep it simple and straight.

Example of essay title:

As we have discussed how to write a book title in an essay, now take some examples on the title of an essay by the help of  which you can create your titles:

  • A technology’s future: Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ancient problems solved by modern technology.
  • Managing business as a business tycoon.
  • The situation of North and South Korea after a clash.
  • The stand of mathematics in the past of mankind.

Follow the tips mentioned above and protocol on how to write a book title in an essay even if you find any difficulty, then contact our expert team for help. Our team experts have tremendous writing skills, which can be helpful for you to get good marks. 

“ The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”- Moliere.

So, just contact us and we will help you to cross the hurdle that comes while writing the book title. Our team is available to you 24*7, and it will work out according to your convinces.
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